ThE ICAP Board

Together, the founding members of the International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP) reach a wide and varied group of internationals. The founders are:

Robin Pascoe

Founder and editor of, a national news source for English speakers with some 50,000 readers in Amsterdam. Robin trained as a journalist with the BBC and has worked for the Financieele Dagblad, ANP and the NRC. She has lived in the Netherlands for over 30 years. Robin is the Chair of ICAP.

Emmy McCarthy

Founder of Stichting Amsterdam Mamas, a centralised source of information and support for international families in the city and surrounding regions. Amsterdam Mamas is the largest and fastest growing parenting network for international families in the Netherlands. Emmy, is an ICAP Board Member.

Lynn Kaplanian Buller

Co-owner of The American Book Center (ABC who provides the ABC Treehouse as a gathering place for many internationally-oriented groups. Lynn is a driving force behind Project English Books for Dutch Kids which brings experience, matches volunteers with schools wanting to teach English, and material via SWAP20, a free English language lending library for Dutch elementary school teachers. Lynn is Treasurer of ICAP.

Deborah Valentine 

A seasoned expatriate and long time resident in the Netherlands, has in the course of her work been active with both local and local international initiatives such as the WBII and ACCESS where she is currently Executive Director. She has worked with government, nongovernmental and intergovernmental agencies in the Netherlands and brings a wealth of experience to ICAP.  Deborah is ICAP's Secretary.